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Jun. 21st, 2011

Takuto Mitsuki

Page 1

When the two children were born, the innocence that filled their grey eyes stole the heart of their nursemaid, who decided to steal the two of them away from their birthplace on a night with no moon. She ignored the warning words of the village prophet, instead falling under their spell, caring and loving and protecting them from the world as they grew. Yet a secret can only be kept for so long. When the twins were 10, war broke out, their identities were uncovered and brother and sister were torn apart and sent to separate ends of the world.

The boy was taken and locked in the highest tower of the strongest fortress in the southern continent of Carril, far away from any sunlight. Chains locked him permanently against a wall of cold steel. The slim figure of a child grew into an emaciated man pale as moonlight with hair like midnight.

The girl was dressed in silks and satin, doted on and cared for in a gilded cage of social rules and watched over closely by all that wore crowns and titles. They tried to garner her favor with gifts and luxuries, kind words and extravagant offers, yet she remained withdrawn. The years were kinder to her than her brother, and she grew into a magnificent female version of him. Her hair was so dark it shone blue in the sunlight, and her eyes glittered like polished flint that flashed like fire with her anger.

At 17, she was fully grown, trained to be a warrior and it was time, she was told, to meet her destiny. She was outfitted with the finest armor, given a blade of polished blue steel and sent in an armored carriage with a royal's army down south to the fortress of Carril. The doors were opened before her, and she stepped into the dark cell where a withered man of 17 stared back at her with the very same eyes, watching, waiting.

The army held their breath, waiting. It was time, she was told, to take her brother's life. The brother it was predicted would destroy the world.

Lirae closed her eyes, time seeming to halt in a deafening silence as she took one deep breath in. All her fears, all her training and her whole life focused in on that breath, and she held it, thinking, sifting through thoughts and possibilities and outcomes. Then she exhaled. It all came loose, rushing furiously through her mind, flashing by too fast to grasp, pieces of memory and emotion and decision.

She opened her eyes.

When the steel of her sword flashed in the sliver of sunlight poking in through the doorway, it was stained with red. She walked over the bodies of the slain, never looking away from the grey eyes of her twin brother. He stirred, muscles aching and sore. He thought of being afraid, but the familiar grey of her eyes would not allow him to be. Instead, he felt free.

The chains broke apart with a key she'd pulled off the tower warden. Loren stumbled as he stood for the first time in 7 years.

She took his hand. The world seemed to rumble and shift, the sun flickering through the doorway.

"Come with me," she said. And they were both free.
Takuto Mitsuki

Introduction Explanation

For any wandering into this place and wondering what exactly is going on... My name is Erica, I love fantasy, magic, writing, and illustration and have taken it upon myself as a personal project to write a fantasy tale, one page at a time each day for however long it takes... If you'd like to stick around and read, I hope you enjoy the ride :)
TohruKyou Rainbow

June 2011




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